With maintaining a delicate balance between helping the contractor to do their work and ensuring that they never compromise the project specifications, the role of supervision is one where a lot of tact and experience need to go hand in hand.

Supervision of Construction is yet another area of excellence in CONSER where - over the years - we have become famous for not only ensuring that a projects' designs are followed properly, but that the protection of the clients' interests are held above all matters.

All our supervision staff are evaluated through a systematic approach, and we ensure that they have all received continual training and support both on the job and through seminars.

All our branches have an office support system for supervision project heads to revert to in case of need for additional experience, and we have never shied away from providing external expert support for new procedures.

We also have in house contractual experts that assist project managers with cases when needed.

CONSER has often take on apprentices from various clients and governmental departments many of whom have risen to take on leading roles in their respective organizations.


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