An old adage states that “One hand cannot clap alone”, at CONSER we acknowledge that wisdom, and we know full well our capabilities and our limitations. With our aims set high, we regularly pursue projects that may seem out of our reach in the beginning, and out of our immediate scope, and that is why CONSER maintains excellent relationships with a variety of top firms in the industry, each with a number of specialties that are called upon whenever required by the project and client.

Our relationships and experiences with these firms have earned us their trust and respect, and in many occasions they have invited us to bring in our regional expertise into their teams and work with them as a cohesive unit.

Both ways, the result is of the greatest benefit to our regional clients where they will get both the competitive pricing of a regional firm coupled with the specialist skills of an admittedly larger and more experienced global firm.

CONSER has worked with a variety of the top firms in our field:

  • Louis Berger
  • CVZ
  • SOCOTEC International
  • Howard Humphreys
  • AS&P
  • L&P

CONSER is registered with a variety of International Funds:

  • Arab Fund for Development
  • World Bank
  • Kuwait Development Fund
  • Abu Dhabi Development Fund
  • The Islamic Bank

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